interfacing with the system

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interfacing with the system

Post by crazydave » Fri Jul 21, 2017 3:58 pm

I'm having trouble making a smooth transition from the pre-show program to the to the 70 millimeter. I want the screen go to black for about 2 seconds and then I'll come up on the 70 millimeter. But I cant because this Screenvision pre-show instead of going to Black goes to an AMC logo with elevator music playing. This starts immediately after the the last ad, so without a change over system, I double illuminate the screen. Worse, if I don't kill the sound immediately it just screams error to hear elevator music.

The pre-show material is packaged buy Screenvision and cannot be edited by the local technicians. In other words, Screen vision -- while intending to provide a pad in case there is a probblem with the 70mm -- is guaranteeing that every show will look sloppy. We either get the double illumination for five seconds, or a black screen for 15. Both options look unprofessional.

I am told the Screen vision system is autonomous, so it is not possible to add a dower command at the end of its playlist.

What we need is 15 seconds of black between the last ad and the AMC logo with elevator music. I would give me plenty of time to get 70mm on screen and then close the dower on the pre show projector before the AMC logo appears.

Adding the 15 seconds of black would make possible a very smooth transition, while still leaving the logo with elevator music to follow if something did go wrong.

Dave black in Vegas

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